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What is "avg H2O consumption" and is program run freq ever shortened?


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    > 1. The home page screen on the device shows the percentages of water. The wiki describes it as:
    > "in percent, average water that could be consumed for each day."

    > Sorry, but I don't really understand what that means. Can someone explain a bit more, please?

    It's actually the percentage from your zone timers that you set in the program that will be run. If you set a zone to 10 minutes in a program and dashboard shows 30% it will only water 3 minutes.


    > 2. Will Rainmachine ever increase the FREQUENCY of schedule programs to adjust for weather (i.e. Very hot days). It seems to increase/decrease the length of waterings, but I can't > tell if the duration between scheduled waterings is ever shortened. For example, if I have a program that is scheduled to run every 4 days, is it possible that Rainmachine will > determine that the program should run every 1, 2 or 3 days during very hot spells?

    RainMachine won't override the frequency that you set but it will increase/decrease the watering times depending on case.


    > 3. I have been selecting soil types for my zones. My soil is composed of about 50% clay, 25% silt and 25% sand. This seems to land me in the "clay" category based on the >triangular diagrams I have found online. Would you recommend I select clay or another soil type in Rainmachine?

    I would select Silty Clay, with silt the pores are large will hold more water for plants (field capacity). The Silty Clay setting in RainMachine is very close to Clay setting but with more intake rate and a small difference in field capacity.

    You can enable Auto in Cycles & Soak in programs and watch if the soil is able to absorb the water of a cycle before the next with our Auto algorithm. Best if you make this test with a 1 zone program (easier to check on soak times)



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