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Attempted login to RM when RM offline - correct login credentials not recognized



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    Brandon Moyer

    Thanks for your input.

    Some times the WiFi screen does not update real time and show connected when you may not be. 

    One way to check is to go to Wrench > System > Network tools - This will show all aspects of your connection.

    I agree, when entering the right creditials it would be better to get a "Unit Offline" message.

    If you want to email me your Email I can check the logs and see if we can get development to help correct this incorrect message. 

    Thanks for your time and patience.

    Brandon M


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    This is because the actual authentication takes place on your device not on our cloud. We don't keep any of your password in cloud, so if the device is not online we can't auth. Displaying the fact that device is offline instead of incorrect password is considered a security risk.

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