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RM WiFi issue - why did this happen?



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    Jeff Benjamin

    Ed - these all sound like network lease/routing issues and not just an issue with RM. 

    1) - Disable and re-enable the network setting will reset the lease on an IP address from your wireless/DHCP server.

    2) - Could be part of the same issue. You have a wireless connection but you may not have an IP address correct or something is incorrect with your routing out to the Internet.

    3) - Same as number 2 above

    4) - I assume that does not keep or hold any information about your device. So typing in a username and password for a device that is not on the Internet, would result in the login not being correct. On the webpage access of - if you save the username and password, it will then not show your device as being on-line. If you set the page to not remember, then it confirms the account with your device.

    If this happens again - I would look to make sure the RM still has an IP address before resetting the wireless on it. If it does, maybe you have another device attached to your network where the IP is 'Manually' set. This would confuse the router/switch as to what is what when both have the same IP.

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    In my router, I reserved the MAC address for my RM, even though it is using DHCP.

    From what I have read, this would be similar to setting a static IP address for the RM outside of my DHCP server in my router, and setting up the RM for static IP address.

    Is my thinking correct?

    If so, this might help with the lease release/renew problem.  I haven't had this problem, but I haven't used remote access outside of my LAN yet, so I don't know.

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Good answers, thanks. This does look indeed like an IP issue either because of DHCP server or another device on the same networking. Disabling and Enabling WIFI it will renew the IP probably that's why it fixes it temporarily.

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