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Export Weather History?



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    Hi, Todd
    I looked for this option, too. But there is none.
    What I do is to set my period of time in history, let's say starting yesterday and 30 days in the past, then click to show it and then print the web page as pdf.
    If you want to have a .CSV exported file and then use it to generate graphs and so on you have to use the mobile app for that and send it by email as an attachment with generated log for a week, a month or a year in the past.
    That's what I do.

    Hope it helps.


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    In RM apps Watering history export is available only, it doesn't contain weather data.
    Weather history touches two fields - forecast data used to estimate watering and measured by weather station like precipitation accumulated, used in RM for corrections.
    Measured data are available for stations directly in services like WU, forecast history rather isn't.
    So it can be nice to extend watering history data with selected weather ones, ie QPF used for program run, measured precip, etc.
    Internal RM log shows such data used, but simple export may help, ie in selection of better weather forecast or station sources, if available.

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