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Watering/Weather Correction take into account Different programs watering same zone?



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Hi Kenny,

    Programs are completely independent on how they manage their water in soil per zone, there isn't a main program. Also the programs don't actually add "available water", which is only from rain, programs irrigate to maintain plant proper soil moisture. If you look at the zones field capacity graphs programs try to maintain moisture at "0" level (below it's a deficit for plants) and available water is what zones get extra from rains.

    If the programs would depend on each other only 1 program will run (regardless of weather) since the other program will always fill the right amount of moisture.

    The newly seeded grass is a special case, you don't actually irrigate only to maintain plant needed water but also to promote germination/initial root growth.

    We are discussing about adding a special flag for programs for newly seeded zones to make this process easier.

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    Kenny T

    Thanks for the quick response! I figured they were independent of each other specially after looking at the log.  I didn't really think about that part, yes the flag would be helpful. Keep up the good work!

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