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Do I really need to have a rain sensor?


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    I purchased the RainMachine more for its predictive ability to not water right before a good rain, but the controller I replaced with my Mini-8 already had a rain sensor so I figured I would connect it also since it supported one. I can't say I have tested to see if disabling the sensor allows the logic to negate the need for a sensor, but I figured having a backup incase the hyper local data was incorrect couldn't hurt. I do see where a nearby PWS shows more rainfall than the rainmachine so if anything the sensor might prevent it from running when it thinks it should due to the inaccurate/lesser accumulation. If you see that it's running before the soil can take it then there are some adjustments that can be made without getting a rain sensor. I just feel that having a fall-back method for detection is a safe bet to prevent running a program in the off chance the "weather man" is wrong.

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