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What happens if I enable all weather data sources?


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    > 1. What happens if I enable all data sources? Will it get more accurate or will it get more redundant. The benefits are not explained anywhere.

    Both, the weather services that we currently have installed by default, are pretty close to each other. Forecasting precise values isn't reliable, some time WUnderground can predict rain quantity better than NOAA sometimes it's the other way around. The RainMachine it's an aggregator of multiple weather sources, it will average values reducing the differences. Of course we keep full weather history and we graph the data on our web interface so it's easy to check which weather source performs badly.

    Beside the above benefits some weather services offer access to weather stations observed data (WUnderground, NetAtmo, CIMIS, FAWN etc) which used in along with Correction for the past feature will correct forecasting errors.


    >  2. I live in California, what happens if I enable FAWN (Florida Automated Weather Network). Will I start getting the 'rains' from Florida? :)

    Only if you enable Correction for the Past, as FAWN only reports observations for yesterday. But yes, some weather services don't return responses based on location setup but from what station you configure on their setup (which usually is the closest station to your location), so you can get rain information from Florida if you really want to. Only CIMIS and FAWN parsers don't use the device location.

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