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Is there any auto program generation based on weather and zone type?


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    Chris (Edited )

    Hi, Kesav

    Right now the only way to do that is to use the latest Beta update available for your device, that's what I do. I see that you have more options under the zones settings where you can tune your zone properties and get a suggested watering time based on that. I trust it, but not 100% :)

    You must know your garden very well and not mess up those settings.

    I use the web interface since is the only one updated to use those settings. Also under the program you'll get the autogenerated watering time based on zone properties you may set and you can use that time, see if it's working for you. I had just a few slightly overwatering, but I mostly use Custom fixed times for my zones.

    To get the Beta update go to Settings - System settings and enable Beta Quality Updates for your device and then go and search if there are any updates and if your comfortable with beta software (bug may appear) than go ahead and come back with your results :)



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