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Allow RainMachine device to connect to hidden wifi network



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    Brandon Moyer

    If your using the correct manual approach you should also be able to add with the RainMachine as well, and if your running into an issue we should trouble shoot by contacting support. 

    In the past I've just enabled SSID broadcasting, connected the unit then disabled SSID broadcasting and have had no issues.



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    Christian Bremeau (Edited )

    I tried several times, I can confirm that this does not work

    1. enable SSID broadcasting on router
    2. connect RainMachine to SSID
    3. reboot RainMachine, still works
    4. disable SSID broadcasting on router
    5. reboot RainMachine, it NO LONGER CONNECTS
    6. enable SSID broadcasting on router
    7. reboot RainMachine, it WORKS AGAIN

    Tried the above scenario multiple times on different routers, different security, etc.

    This mean that the RainMachine will NOT work on any wireless that is NOT broadcasting its SSIS to the world.

    That is a major concern to me and many in the home automation business.

    RainMachine is using opensource code for that, it is a fairly easy fix to allow connection to a known SSID even if its not broadcasting.

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