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It won't let me change the next water date.



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Did you manage to solve this ? You should have a reason why the program didn't start if you use the Web Interface and go to Settings > Watering log.

    A quick way to fix would be to create another program with exact same parameters and see if it works. The older program might have available water saved and not need to water which would be the correct behavior.



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    This still does not work properly.  I just switched my settings from certain days to now every 5 days.  It just watered today and now because I changed to every 5 days, it is for some reason scheduled to water tomorrow. 

    I want it to start watering on a certain day.  I go in and change the day and set it.  I see that it says the day I want and then I go to save.  I go back in and look and it goes back to the day it wants to water on so I have no control at all on when to water.  I tried the settings on the main controller and also my phone but neither lets me change the water day. 

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    RainMachine Support

    Indeed we have a bug in our RainMachine iOS app that it doesn't set the correct Start Date of the program.
    Please rely on our RainMachine web application for now until we release a quick fix.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    RainMachine Support

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