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RainMachine setup process is broken (for 'correctly' set-up IoT networks)



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    Brandon Moyer


    Our 12 and 16 zones units have a touch display so you can do this without an app. 

    Unfortunately the Mini 8 has a small screen and isn't able to connect to WiFi by itself and needs the help of the app. 

    One option you have would be to disable "Isolation" long enough to get the device connected and then re-enable isolation.

    At this point you will need to use Remote Access to connect to your device since it will be  undiscover-able on the LAN afterwards. 

    We do here your input and its greatly valued. 


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    On Mini-8 the setup can be done using a browser, if you can connect to its IP address. The process is not quite user friendly but it's described here:

    We understand your proposed solution but RainMachine is not really an IoT device the "Remote access" feature is more like a proxy than will forward API calls between RainMachine and another remote client.

    What you propose could be easily solved if RainMachine would come with "Remote access" enabled by default which will automatically connect to our servers when WIFI is configured. It has been decided when we did the product that we will only connect to our remote servers if the users enable this feature themselves and not automatically.

    What will probably work it would be to add a button "Remotelly scan for  RainMachine" when no devices are detected locally.

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    FWIW: Nico's model is what I originally attempted for all consumer type devices.  I have actually found that many devices just don't work without some sort of broadcast/multicast allowed.  I finally just gave up and ended up putting all untrusted consumer devices on a single network segment.

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