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Unable to Change Next Run.



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    What are you using to change the Next Run setting ? Local Interface, Web Interface or Mobile app ?

    Also Next Run can be changed if you chose the "Every N days" frequency. Otherwise you can select the start date that you wish for your program. 

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    C Swinson

    I've tried both the mobile app and locally at the device.  In both instances I have been using the "every N days" option to bring up the Next Run menu, but selecting "every N days" on the web interface doesn't bring up the option to change the next run for me.  My current work around has been to change the program start date, but it would be very convenient to change the next run time where different programs line up to run on the same day, resulting in very long watering times.



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    I have this same issue.  I have a thread about this also.  So you changed the start date?  Are you talking about where you go into programs and edit?  The place where there is a start and end date? 

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