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USB Local Storage for Images


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    RK (Edited )

    That was my thread. Honestly, the flash longevity claim is a non-issue. Are users *really* taking hundreds of pictures of each of their zones and uploading each of these new images to the unit each day? I don't know if the Mini-8 operates almost completely in RAM with essentially no non-volatile database storage, but the Touch HD seems to have about 1.2 GB of flash space *and* it has data constantly being written to that flash in the form of various sqlite database files, etc. As for the space constraint on the Mini-8, I don't know how much space is available... maybe it truly does not have a few MB to spare for 8 zone images.

    That said, ultimately these Rainmachine devices are also dependent on Amazon & Apple/Google cloud services if you want to have the mobile apps have notifications, etc. So, given that they are dependent on the cloud already for that, the additional dependency on the Amazon/Apple/Google cloud for the images doesn't seem that much worse.

    Except from a privacy standpoint. I'd rather not have the images of my house uploaded to the cloud when it clearly isn't necessary.

    EDIT: BTW, if you're willing to live without zone images or app notifications, you can use the device without "the cloud" and still keep remote access (as long as you don't count the rainmachine proxy living on Amazon web services as being "the cloud"). You can also block the rainmachine device from all internet access entirely, but that really undermines the "smart" irrigation functionality that is dependent on weather data from the internet. I'm a user choice advocate though, so use your device however you want.

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