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Why is my Pro-16 broadcasting an Open SSID ?



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    Jon Alan (Edited )

    So I connected my iphone to the open SSID using the IOS App and the App stated that the Rainmachine needed to be setup (even though it was already setup over Ethernet). I then partially went through the WiFi setup while the Ethernet cable was still attached.  After typing in my WiFi password, RainMachine stated it "couldn't connect" and it disconnected the session. Now when I look, the SSID is no longer offered...its longer appears in my selection of WiFi access points or in my Android WiFi scanner App.

    Really weird...  that appears to be a bug...  I never set up the device to use WiFi from the time I took it out of the box, till now...plugged it into Ethernet right away... So, everyone who hardwires to their network with RainMachine Pro should check for the open SSID and partially set up the WiFi connection while the Ethernet cable is still  connected...  I might be able to repro this by doing a factory reset and try this procedure again...


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    Look at this thread I started, it contains how you can take care of this. 

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    Jon Alan (Edited )

    Why hasn't this been fixed in a firmware release ?  Its clearly a BUG...  the device should not be transmitting an open SSID AP when the ethernet cable is connected...
    Has this been fixed in the latest Firmware update ?  This is really frustrating...

    Why should I have to SSH or tenet to the device and be forced to edit some files - Very Error Prone...  A ticket should be opened and fixed by Rainmachine...


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    The WIFI AP would still be visible until you do the setup, the API call to close the AP mode is on mobile app code. Even if you have ethernet you still need to do setup from phone for location.

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    Jon Alan

    ok, so my issue was the rainmachine was already setup with location, etc...  and it was still broadcasting an open SSID ! 
    So, before I moved stuff over from my HD-16 again because the backup is broken between HD and Pro, I did a factory reset, wiped out what little I had programmed, and started over...

    I have to tell you, it takes a lot for me to be disappointed. If I had completed programming the Pro with all my zones and schedules and still had it broadcasting an open AP, I would have shoved it back into its box and sent it back... and continued live with my HD-16 and dongle...

    So now, after having gone through a factory reset and Setup (latest Iphone app), it appears to no longer be broadcasting an open SSID; but now it references to both my WiFi and ethernet...  which port it is using ? I have no idea, could be both...

    Why not have a setting on the rainmachine: "Connection method: Wifi, or Direct Connect ?" or Turn Wifi off ?...  sounds simple ? why all the wipe clean, re-setup and the added confusion ?  I don't buy the argument that the open AP is needed for setup, get a DHCP IP address over ethernet, smartphone app connected to same network, Bingo, WiFi not needed for setup ...  I must be missing something...

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    There is a way to get rid of the open SSID; so there is a workaround and not a very complicated one.

    Ideally, if the unit has a Ethernet connection, the wireless should be set as disabled.

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    Christian Bremeau (Edited )

    Once your RainMachine wifi is connected to your SSID, it will no longer broadcast its own open SSID.

    However, we all agree that once your RainMachine is connected wired to your LAN, it should simply automatically disable the wireless adapter, and therefore stop broadcasting an open SSID: that is a security issue.

    Please fix for security sake.


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