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Virtual device (which is a combination of others)

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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Tuna
    This is something we are thinking about for the future implementation.
    Right now the only way to prevent water pressure when you are using two RainMachine devices on the same location is to set applets and when a RainMachine finish, the other will start and so on.
    For this, you'll need remote access account set up on both devices and an account.

    Hope this helps, Tuna
    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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    Sebastian (Edited )

    Are you using a master valve? You could switch a relay with the master valve and wire that to the rain sensor input of the other machine. If you set no snooze for a rain detection event, one machine would "physically" block the other while its running. 

    The "blocked" machine would resume its schedule as soon as the first one finishes.

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    no use for this but very good idea!!

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    Yeah a Master console for multiple units that sync's them all together sounds smart

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    Steve Moore

    I have three devices and about to add a third and would LOVE this feature. Managing three is difficult but one virtual would be very much appreciated.

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