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Allow Program to be set for multiple times in the same day.

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    Brandon Moyer

    I understand the need for this feature.

    At least for now you can with the app make 2 copy's of the program and make sure all 3 have unique start times. 

    Also with no vegetation make sure you disable weather until its mature. 


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    Yes I'd love this, even something lovely and simple that is a "new lawn" setting


    so it automagically waters a few times a day (or whatever is required for that location at that time of year with the weather etc) and gradually reduces it as the lawn establishes

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    This would be great.

    If you make 2 copies of a program to run multiple times, it can be cumbersome to keep them in sync.

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    Jarrod Smith (Edited )


          The copies should go off of their start time, and as long as the next run is scheduled for after the first one is finished running they shouldn't have a hard time keeping in sync. There is a way to achieve what you want from a single program. You can use cycle and soak to achieve your goal. Lets say that you want to water for ten minutes at a time for each zone and you want to do this 5 times a day starting at sunrise. You would set the program to start at sunrise and then program each zone for 50 minutes. You would then give the program 5 cycles and then 120 minute soak. This will tell the machine to run for 10 minutes on each zone then it will wait for 2 hours and then do it again. It will repeat this through out the day. The only problem with this set up is if you have another program that was supposed to run during this time it wont because the other program is still running. So if you have your other zones run before the sod program begins this solution will work for you. If you have other zones that need to come on during this one program you will want to break it up into multiple programs. 

    Jarrod S.

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    BB (Edited )

    Right, I was thinking the cycle and soak would work for me, but the app shows a maximum of 300 min soak time.

    So if I want to water the exact same set of zones/durations, once at 6 am and once at 7 pm, I don't think it would work.


    Using the two copies of a program method, if I make changes to zone durations in the first program, I would need to make the same same changes to the second program.

    Of course I could delete the second program and re-copy it as a work around but having a multiple start times could simplify this process.


    Just wanted to provide input since this topic is still marked as gathering feedback.

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    There are always ways of gaming the system to do what you want, but adding a multiple start times would definitely simplify it. 

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