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Product availability during holiday season: in short supply?



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    Brandon Moyer

    Our devices have only been purchased via online retailers, even when Home Depot and Lowes is in stock. 

    You can find both the Mini 8 and our new product the Rain Pro 16 at

    We expect to have more HD-12 and HD-16 products in February.

    Thanks for your time and consideration. 

    RainMachine Support

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    Hi, Brandon,

    I guess my point is, for Mini-8, it is apparently only available at at this moment but no where else for several weeks. Searching it at Amazon, NewEgg, Home Depot, Lowes all returned with out of stock or some irrelevant products/sellers, as if Mini-8 is reaching its end of life cycle.

    I'd like to check if you would advise to wait for it to restock, hopefully with the return of its promotions, or consider something else (i.e. Pro 16). This is for my parents who would be benefit from Mini-8's minimalist interface. In fact this is the only product I see in the market that offers such friendly manual operations. Pro 8/16 should work too but a bit overkill for them. Myself is a happy owner of an HD-12.



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