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Issues with RainMachine 12HD can’t connect in the app (no RainMachine found)



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    Dennis Brown



    I have been having the exact same problem just as you describe it and I did the same troubleshooting.  This all seems to coincide with all the updates they have pushed out in a haphazard pace. In April, it worked great. Now finicky and may or may not respond to a restart or reboot, but success is fleeting with NO stable operating system.  My WiFi strength reads 47dB so signal is not a problem.

    Rain machine, why have you forsaken us when many people have the exact same problems. Why can't we have reliable steps to fix this. DO we need to go back to an operating system previously to get a functional device back???

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Could this be actually related to remote access instead of WIFI ? If you could tell me if access through local network IP works and remotelly it has issues would be of great help to track it down.

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    J.R. Ray

    Just wanted to join in, as I am having a similar connection issue which started in the last couple of months.  The app will show my Rainmachine as offline or it will never connect once I select the device.  My wifi signal shows good on the device itself, yet I cannot rely on my phone app to connect to it anymore.  Typically, if I unplug the Rainmachine and then let it restart, the app will connect and all will work fine for a while.  But it is never consistent anymore.  Not sure what to do, but it is very disappointing.  For the first year or so, everything worked flawlessly but not now.  

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