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Software flow meter "pulse"?



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    I would be interested in doing something similar. In my case I need to have 2 different flow meters feed in data and I was considering using a similar approach. Did you manage to find an answer about the API?

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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )

    There is a way to feed data but I'm not sure how the apps will behave displaying flow data when rain sensor is selected as ON.

    To send data a POST to /api/4/provision with the keys should cover most scenarios:

    flowSensorLeakClicks: 0  // How many leak clicks counted
    flowSensorStartIndex: 0 //The index on the water meter before connecting it to RainMachine
    flowSensorClicksPerCubicMeter: 2640 // How many clicks mean 1 cubic meter of water flow
    flowSensorWateringClicks: 0 // watering clicks counter

    But the most important part is that Touch HD doesn't support the Flow and Rain in the same time. For example watering clicks won't be recoderded in DB when watering if flow sensor is off so the most difficult part would be to force RainMachine to enable both (since API won't let you it will automatically toggle one other off).

    Only way to do this currently would be to manually edit /rainmachine-app/DB/Default/rainmachine-settings.sqlite and put both useRainSensor and useFlowMeter to true. You can transfer this file from/to RainMachine doing a scp from your computer.



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    I suppose it could be done the other way around: move the rain sensor to a device (thinking an Arduino) that can send a "pause" or "stop" API call to the RainMachine and connect the flow meter directly.

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