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Can't connect Mini-8 to newly installed Google Wifi mesh network



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    Brandon Moyer


    1. Power down the RainMachine Unit.

    2. Wait 5 Seconds and power up the RainMachine Unit.

    3. Wait 3 Minutes for the RainMachine to finish booting.

    4. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds. After letting go, you should hear a loud beep.

    5. Wait 2-3 Minutes until an A appears on the RainMachine display.

    6. At this point, from your Smart Device, go to your personal WiFi setting and connect to the RainMachine WiFi.

    7. From your Smart Device open the RainMachine App.

    8. From the devices screen you should seen your unit with Setup appended to it, click on it.

    9. The Screen should instruct you from here.



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Does your Mini-8 WIFI AP show on iPhone Settings > WIFI  (should be named RainMachine-xxxxx) ?

    This is the first step, where you connect to Mini-8 AP and configure your WIFI connection. After this step, when iPhone App lists the Available WIFI Networks and you don't see

    your Google Mesh network it might require to restart the Google WIFI devices and refresh the Available WIFI Networks list on iPhone.



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    Brandon's reset procedure was the fix.  Had to run through it several times, as the steps are quite exact.  I'm up and running.  Thanks everyone!

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