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Watering Program advice (not watering enough)


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    Robert Ziegler

    I am the exactly same situation. I have NOAA prediction and my reliable Ambient Weather station with rain sensor, both hooked up and talking to RainMachine. NOAA predicts rain all the time, that does not fall in my area. But instead of picking up on the ACTUAL rain sensor data, and realizing the rain did not fall and adjusting the irrigation volume accordingly, RainMachine happily pretends the rain was there that was not there.... Result: My wife complains about brown grass and unhappy flowers, and I have to start manual watering programs often, which then in urn make it worse with the algorithm wanting o skip even more days. That is a major software issue that needs to be urgently fixed, i.e. that if you have an actual local weather sensor, it should take over all current and historic data input.

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