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Using whole house flow meter, only read flow during watering on rain machine...



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    Hi Nate,

    If I understand it right, you have one single water meter and all the water going into the house and into the irrigation system runs through it - you can't see them separately. Is this correct?

    If yes, then you won't be able to detect irrigation system leaks, regardless of the electronics you might attach to the RainMachine to enable/disable flow meter pulses.
    There would be ways to power a relay from the master valve output and feed the pulse signal of the flow meter through it, doing this, however, renders the leak detection completely useless. The purpose of the leak detection system is to check for pulses when your valves are not on. If the RainMachine knows that it isn't watering but pulses still come on the pulse counter input then there must be a leak somewhere in the irrigation system and the RainMachine reports it. If pulses are inhibited when no valves are on, the RainMachine is kept in the dark about potential leaks.


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    Nate C.

    Thanks Istvan,

    Yes, my goal was to only capture irrigation watering on the Rain Machine.

    I have other leak detection functions running within my SmartThings system (water flow for too long without stopping, flow rate too high) etc., which would alert me to leaks in my home or irrigation system.

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