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Rain machine and rain sensor water prediction.


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    Linico Vacca

    Bill, I have implemented a system that may work for you.  I have a personal weather station, Ambient WS-2000, and have paid subscription for the API from Weather Underground.  I have set my weather data to WU only.  Forecasts are more accurate than NOAA and other local stations have “real” weather data for my local area.   However, there is some lag and even though a severe storm may dump an inch of rain in 10 minutes the controller will not see it in time.  To overcome storm delays I installed a wireless Rain Bird rain detector.  Minimum setting is 1/8 inch but there is still some time delay since sponges are the sensor.

    I know it defeats the main purpose for a smart controller but I have I set one zone to run by time only, ignoring forecast and evapotranspiration, ZONE -  BASIC WEATHER DATA: DISABLED.   I requested RM to implement individual zone snooze option because one zone I do rely on to run regardless of the weather conditions; to fill my water feature.  Rain detection causes a global SNOOZE for all zones. Their response, “We feel rain sensors are obsolete and override the default functionality.”  Arrogance on their part not to understand that there are different types of weather/soil conditions that need to be addressed by the user.

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