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Clarity on Log Items & Values?


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    zone: The zone number

    lastAW: Last computed soil Available Water 

    newAW: Newly computed soil Available Water 

    chET0: Chosen reference ET0 for this zone (taken from daily year values)

    waterFF: Water for future (this is relative to evapotranspiration that is computed from weather data for the next days - et0Estimate). A trimmed down formula would be: 

    cropCoef * et0Estimate - RainSensitivity * FuturePrecipitationEstimate

    corrPast: Correction for the past. Difference in the et0Estimate computed in the past for last watering versus same et0Estimate computed with newly refreshed data (either better forecast after watering was done or from observed weather data stations)

    water%: Percentage from your set watering duration that would be needed to water (100% waters your full duration entered for each zone)

    waterNeeded: Relative to evapotranspiration. A trimmed down formula: waterNeeded = waterForFuture + correctionForPast - availableWater

    fielCap: Field Capacity this restricts how much Available Water the soil can hold and it's actually fieldCap/2 (to account for both deficit and extra)

    cropCoef: The crop coefficient multiplied with exposure coefficient 

    zoneType: The vegetation type

    userDuration: Your zone duration set in the program.


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