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Change max run time in rainmachine


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    RainMachine Nicholas


    The web interface allows you to enter 20 hours, just enter 1200 minutes on zone timer.

    For API access you could just use  the API page on the device itself by pointing your browser to https://rainmachine_ip:8080/api/4/ (mind the last /).

    You will get the list of all available API calls.

    If you want to increase the run time limit of a zone in a program:

    1. Click POST auth/login with your password filled in the text input below

    2. Click GET /program and write down the "uid" number for your program

    3. Fill up the information in the text inputs below the POST /program/N entering the "uid" number from the step 2.

    You will need to enter all the information for all zones.

    4. Click on POST /program/N to change program run times

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