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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Hi Chris,

    If you have previous experience with watering time for your zones, I would just use the "Custom" duration instead of "Suggested" which needs more fine tuning.

    Sprinkler head, vegetation and sun exposure settings impact the watering times in descending order (sprinkler head is the most important). For example our predefined rotors have a low precipitation rate (0.35 inches/hour) but there are rotors with 1 inch or more almost 3 times less time. You can configure a custom sprinkler head and try to determine correct precipitation rate maybe using a catch cup test. See here for more information:

    Also the "Vegetation" type could be improved our generic "Lawn" setting has a quite high coefficient (0.8) which depending on your grass type could be lowered to 0.6 for a warm season grass (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, or St. Augustinegrass). This can also be set as a "Custom" and it's an area which will be improved in the future with more predefined settings.

    As for the difference in zone suggested *daily* duration vs program zone duration it's because on zones we show a daily amount (based on EPA algorithm) and in the program if it's not daily the duration increases with the number of missing days between watering events (a "every 2 days" program will show double the amount from your zone suggested duration).


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