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Max watering time restriction, and changing frequency by time of year



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    RainMachine Nicholas

    First restriction will be possible when we finish the feature that allows programs to have a starting date and an end date. This way you have 2 programs one that will run from November to March and another one running from March to November.

    Maximum watering time is defined by the Restrictions > Hot Days feature that you can enter the maximum percentage you allow RainMachine to go over your entered duration when it needed (out of the ordinary hot days). If that setting is set to 100% it will never water more than the duration you set per zone.

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    Makoto Schoppert

    I am utilizing the "Use Weather Data" and "Use Seasonal Adjustments" features as opposed to manually setting a duration. Based on the properties that I specified for the zone, the program suggested a duration of 1hr and 19mins.   Should I set the percentage for the program to be lower?

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