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Do you have a recommended pin connector for the rain sensor?



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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    [EDIT JUN 19, 2017]

    Hi, all
    For anyone that will need the Rain Sensor cable adapter ONLY for the RainMachine Touch HD-12 and RainMachine Touch HD-16 (2nd generation), it is AVAILABLE NOW on our official web store for $3.99 + $3 US shipping ($17 International shipping).

    Thank you.
    RainMachine Support

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    I just purchased an HD-12 from Amazon, and I have to admit, expecting me to purchase and pay for shipping on a $.05 piece of plastic that should have been included with the device is giving me serious second thoughts.  It's not like rain (or other) sensors are some exotic feature - they've been an industry standard (and often a municipal requirement) for as long as there has been an industry.

    Asking for $3.99 for the connector is bad enough, but asking for another $3 shipping to put a tiny connector in an envelope and attach $.56 postage is a bit insulting.  I hope the device "wow"s beyond belief when it gets here to overcome the sour taste that the need to purchase this "accessory" is leaving.

    The inability to use a wired ethernet connection is also hugely disappointing.  its too bad none of the more modern/active devices offer the option.  I'm coming from an IrrigationCaddy device which was archaic in comparison, but still had a RJ45 connector.   Too bad their devices just don't last. 

    Some of us appreciate a stable wired connection.

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    Arte Levy

    Agreed. The connector should be included.

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    Brandon Moyer

    If you have an old computer laying around, you can take the CPU fan wire off and use it.

    We may need to look into our shipping methods, but we are not making anything off the cable. 

    We just added this feature recently, and we are still working out the details.

    It is not our intention to make money off the Rain Senor cable. 

    We even feel a Rain Sensor is obsolete with our unit, and mainly included it for counties requiring it for a Rebate. 


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    Almost - please correct your optics. The following solution is recommended based on the selling price of your device:

    (1) Include the female pin connector in current production;

    (2) change the pin connector to screw on like the rest of connections for future production run;

    (3) send the pin connector free of any charge and pay for the S&H to all who request it.

    You are making enough profit on this device to handle the cost of your own omission.

    Rain sensor is not obsolete with your unit. You cannot say that - you are not Drumpf. It is important to many not only because of the rebate. There are areas in the USA where weather report from the "airport" is not applicable to nearby properties.WeatherUnderrgound, permitting selection of a private station in the vicinity, may help but you do not provide simple way of using it - and you could certainly make a deal with WU to get API key for all.

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    Thomas Stanley

    Re: response of 7/8/17 (presumably a RM employee?):

    Seriously?  You run a risk here of appearing unsupportive and arrogant with that "whatever... get over it" answer.  There are several competitive alternatives to your product that are just as capable and "cool" as your tone seem to suggest your offering is.

    Do your business a favor, young entrepreneur.  Offer to anyone who requests it a connector free of charge and with free shipping.  You're probably right that not every user is going to go to the trouble of installing this more elegant solution (than simply cutting the common on rain detection).  Also, it occurs to me that by passing the rain signal through a sensor input on your logic board, you have the opportunity to implement in a firmware update some benefit that you haven't even thought of.  Your customers will be impressed and will become loyal rather than put off and pissed off.


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    Brandon Moyer

    I was trying to point out there are simple a free ways to accomplish using the 2 pins of the 6 pin connector on the side.

    This was an after thought, it would of been nice to have a more thought out design. 

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and also if I came across as arrogant, that was not my intention. 

    The last firmware updated allowed for the 2 pins on the side to be used with the Rain Sensor, in a way that will let the software know when rain in detected. 

    We are always interested in any way to add functionality to our product for you guys.

    Thanks for your time and input.  


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    geoff harris (Edited )

    Was thinking that is you have a rain sensor input - presumably it is a binary signal pulled low or high normally and is pulled up or down depending upon the design of the rain sensor. If this is the design, you could also make a pulse counter in software for connection to any standard water meter with a pulse. This should be fairly easy to implement - instead of the rain sensor being on or off, one just counts the pulses and has a setup dialog to enter what a pulse equals. Water use could be shown over time, create alerts if things go off the rails, etc. Would be extremely interested in such a feature.

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    Jon Alan (Edited )

    So I was able to rummage through my computer parts box (for once scavenging old computers I no longer need paid off) and was able to find a cable that worked...

    Ugly but works...

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