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Desert Vs Tropical Settings


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    Jeff Benjamin

    I would create two different programs/zones, one for the front and one for the rear. For each you set the total amount of watering for a normal summer day, each will be different. The front may need watering every third/forth day for 20 minutes each zone with a cycle/soak set to maybe 3 for 30 minutes between. The rear you water every other day or every day for 15 minutes each zone and no cycle/soak feature. Just run the program start times at different times during the day so that they will not overlap, maybe one in the morning (rear) and the front after dusk. I would start with what you usually watered before installing the system and tweak from there, look at the times it has watered compared to if you would manually do it - then let it run, as the weather changes it may adjust slightly. Rain does not sound like it will be to much in your area, with that you have to worry about run off and how much the ground can hold. I would then also set up an account with WUnderground to get the actual weather.

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