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Watering Schedule issues/Questions - Very high watering times w/ below average ET



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    Allen Polikoff

    To add a little more info - I checked the ET against the Graph in the GUI (where it is has generally been below the everage line yet yielding higher than 100% watering times) & I reviewed the historical data showing rain inches and ET inches showing the same inconsistencies. In fact I think I had an instance where there was more rain than ET and there was still watering (I know that since i have an every other day schedule that effects it, but the gap day(s) didn't seem to be too crazy to require extra watering on top of what it would be getting/got).

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    RainMachine Nicholas

    We can only investigate this kind of issue from the logs (About > View logs), but we only save the last simulation for today not all simulations due to space constrains.

    If you can post your logs here along with your zone/program settings it would be great. From the logs we are mainly interested in entries like this:

    2017-06-15 06:53:15,970 - INFO - rmSimulator:497 - 
    * Program Coefficients (pid=4, fake=False, ignoreInternetWeather=0, day=2017-06-23 00:00:00)
    - pastStart=2017-06-21 00:00:00, futureEnd=2017-06-25 00:00:00, pastMultiplier=2, futureMultiplier=2
    - qpfReal=0.60, qpfUsed=None, qpfEst=0.00, historyQpf=0.00, et0Real=10.76, et0Used=None, et0Est=11.28, historyEt0=11.28
    - et0Avg=5.72 detailsReal=[et0(m)=5.70, qpf(m)=0.60], [et0(m)=5.06, qpf(m)=0.00], detailsHistory=[et0(m)=5.25, qpf(i)=None], [et0(m)=6.02, qpf(i)=None]
    zone lastAW newAW chEt0 waterFF corrPast water% waterNeeded fielCap cropCoef zoneType userDuration
    1 2.54 0.00 11.28 9.02 0.00 70.80 6.48 21.92 0.80 2 240.00
    2 2.54 0.00 11.28 9.02 0.00 70.80 6.48 21.92 0.80 2 120.00
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