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Setting up for general watering


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    RainMachine Nicholas

    Hi Greg,

    Yes, you are correct, daily is the preferred method other frequencies are for user preferences (every 2, 3 days) and "Certain days" usually to conform with municipality rules.

    This is mostly true for "lawn" but depends on vegetation, for example established trees could be watered every 7 days or more. It depends on your plant root depth, small daily watering

    is ok for short root depths for deeper ones it's better to put more water in one watering session than "tease" it with short daily watering as it will promote deeper root grow vs shallow roots.

    There are multiple configuring choices depending on vegetation/soil you can setup for example a daily baseline program with an extra program just for 2 days for mixed vegetation zones, or 2 programs for same zones each with half required duration one in the morning and one during night etc.

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