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IFTTT Based on temperature and rain sensor


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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Dave
    Thank you for your question.
    1) You have to connect a Rain Sensor to your RainMachine or to use one that it is connected to its own ifttt channel - like NetAtmo Rain Gauge and use them in the ifttt applet and choose the final action on RainMachine to "Stop all watering" if they detect rain.

    2) All that matter is this case is the chronological order of the events. So if the first applet that will run is the one with the Rain Sensor detecting rain -> Stop all watering and then the temperature rises over 90 degrees -> your RainMachine zone or program will start watering. If the order of the events is first the temperature rises and then the rain sensor detects rain, then all the watering activities will be stopped.

    Hope this will answer your questions, Dave
    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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