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Water restrictions


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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    Hi, Rob
    Yes, it's worth it. Our RainMachine devices do all those requests you have:
    - you can set watering restrictions (when not to water) by Months, Days and Hours of the day.
    - you can choose to activate different free weather services like NOAA, WUnderground, DarkSky (former, NetAtmo or your own personal weather station. Also, you can attach a hardware rain sensor that will automatically stop all watering activities when senses rain.
    - our RainMachine devices are cloud independent by design and do not rely on a cloud connectivity in order to work and they do not lose any settings or information you may have on the device if the internet connection is not available. If there is a power outage when a watering activity is ON, that watering activity will be stopped and when the RainMachine reboots when power is back on the other scheduled activities will start as programmed. Also, you can access the RainMachine device remotely without the need of binding it with our cloud servers (we only need your email address that has to be validated with our servers) by allowing the local RainMachine IP port through your router.

    Thank you for your interest, Rob
    Hope this helps.
    RainMachine Support

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