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Small trees and bushes watering question


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    Rolando Soto

    Rainmachine is a forecast sprinkler which means it will adjust Your watering time using the weather forecast for the next 3 days (in case of 3 day programs). The time what You introduce is a reference one for the hottest month of the year. Example: if Your current weather in may has 2 times less evapotranspiration (water loss) than in august it will irrigate two times less than Your 30 minutes (15 minutes). If there is rain that is also taken into account (less irrigation with the amount of the rain from the forecast).

    If You don't want want the adaptive irrigation is it possible to setup fixed 30 minute timers (just un-click the weather adaptive watering at the program settings) but in that case the program will irrigate 30 minutes in February and August too so we don't recommend that unless You really want a simple timer.

    If Your zones are behaving different with the same setup and programs probably the zone settings are different - depending on plant type or soil properties it can be quite big differences in irrigation (trees have longer root zone, have bigger "reservoir" than grass etc.) but I can help with that only if I know the exact setup on your machine.

    If You need further help in this direction I would recommend to file in a support case at scrolling down a bit to the Support - they will probably ask for a guest/support pin and email address what I don't want to do here on forum which is public. You can include a link to this forum post as well so the support will know they can contact me as well to go further into the depths of Rainmachine :)

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