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Inactive vs Active


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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Tomas
    Would help for us to know your setup:
    - RainMachine device
    - RainMachine firmware update
    - how do you control it, by RainMachine mobile apps or by RainMachine web interface
    - is the Wi-Fi connectivity stable?
    - can you check on the device itself (if you have RainMachine Touch HD) if the program was indeed set as Inactive?
    - the program was running when you set it as "Inactive"? Because this will not stop the currently running program, but it will stop the future starts.

    So the answer to your question is that as long as your Zone or Program are Inactive they will not start when scheduled, but you can any time start them manually.
    Thank you, Tomas

    RainMachine Support.

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