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Suggested daily watering time


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    RainMachine Nicholas


    The area only matters for computing used water volume, if the GPM value is not filled in. The calculation uses the zone "Precipitation Rate" which is defined by the sprinkler head used. The provided defaults are usually safe but most users either use a custom value filled from datasheet of the sprinkler heads or perform a catch cup test to find the actual "precipitation rate"

    So to water a zone, RainMachine only opens 1 valve, it doesn't matter if the zone is 100m or 10m as it's considered that the entire zone is covered by sprinkler heads with the respective precipitation rate.

    Also soil type only matters for automatic cycles and field capacity (how much water it can hold). To see changes in the suggested watering time, one would need to change either 

    vegetation type, sprinkler head type or exposure.

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