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Total Watering Time



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    What I have noticed is that if you set a watering time, the RM will modify that time for each program run, based on the weather data that it receives.

    I am using the recommended water sense summer watering times, and letting the RM modify it, based on the weather data.

    I agree.. once you setup your zones as accurately as you can, and set your location, I would think the RM would be able to figure out the times needed for each zone, but I guess it has to start somewhere and that is where you need to input a watering time.  Seems strange that this step would be needed since it has all that detailed zone info.

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    Jeff Benjamin

    I see another possible answer. You have set up a program with all of your zone times. You will see that this total time will be set correctly. Later you notice that all zones need a little tweak, all need just a little more water. You can click the '+' and all zones will increase about 5% or so with every click. An easy way to change the complete program to water a littles more or a little less without going into every zone.

    To answer the question, yes it is calculated with all your zone data. Just an added feature with the non-web applications.

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