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Zone configurable rain percentage and threshold



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    Jeff Benjamin

    Interesting thought: I also think it would be a great idea -

    Work around, maybe? From what I have done with the 'Zone' settings - it seems that the soil type does no computing on how much watering the system will water the zone, but how much moisture the zone will hold after an amount of moisture from nature 'rain.' You may want to try and change the soil type to 'manual' and set it so the 'Soil field capacity' is low, like 0.05 - Save the settings, do a Weather Update, so it can calculate, then go back into the zone and make sure it does not have an error with the over all Field Capacity. I also do not know how this may effect 'soak and cycle,' if you are using this feature in this zone. Hopefully in doing this it will calculate that all the rain moisture ran off, as the soil could not hold it. The system will water that zone more like normal? In theory. This may not work totally the correct way, but it may be a start for a work around, it should still use the weather calculations you are looking for.

    Someone from the company should look at this proposal to see if it can make sense as a possible work around, as it may not work the way I am thinking it may.

    Try at your own risk, watch it carefully.

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    Wayne Downer

    Apparently 5 up-votes is not enough to make a product enhancement happen...

    The implementation of this request should be pretty straight forward, and of considerable value to anyone with irrigation in areas that have significant tree canopy cover and root draw, that are rain protected, or that vary in wind exposure.

    This could be addressed under Zones : Weather & Seasonal Adjustments, or under Settings : Weather : Weather Sensitivity (by providing per Zone control).

    Turning off "Weather-Adaptive Watering" for a program or "Use Live Weather" under a zone, does not accomplish what is needed.

    Please review and consider up-voting the original request.

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