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Alexa and Rainmachine


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    Tomas, so do you try to control RainMachine with Alexa, but using channel, right?
    You linked them both, you created the trigger and you ask Alexa to start a zone or a program, right?
    Do your zones and program have short names? I mean your zones or programs do not have names like "Prg #2" or "Zone from the back side of my hose" either way, when you create the ifttt trigger you can choose the zone/program you want from the RainMachine zone/program list once your RainMachine is discovered by ifttt after you linked the RainMachine service with your remote access email account and your RainMachine password.

    That's what I did and it works very nicely.
    Tell me more about your ifttt setup and how did you create the applet.


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