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Smart Things Integration



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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Eric
    Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into it.
    But because we are an open platform and we provide developer access to API there is a post related to RainMachine on Smart Things community:
    Please have a look.

    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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    I too am in the same boat.  I would really like native connectivity with Smart Things. 

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    David Chait

    You have an 'accessible device', not an 'open platform'. :)

    Rachio and one or two others provide first-party support for smartthings.  Would be good for Rainmachine to do the same, you could get tighter integration than what looks to be one developer on github.  At the least, in the meantime, your hardware cost is low enough you could furnish him a newer unit to test against.  But really, if you do it yourself, my guess is you can probably add in push support, rather than polled updates, which would reduce overhead, and of course make things MUCH more accurate.

    First party support will always be better...

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    Same here. Would like to have integration with SMARTTHINGS

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    would like to see Wink support as well.

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