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    RainMachine Support (Edited )

    Hi, Dave
    Remember the IFTTT applets behave like a manual watering action on your RainMachine device. So, when a condition you set on the IFTTT applets is met the command will act like you manually go and start that action on your RainMachine device. That's why your program with "Odd days" frequency started on "Even days" when the condition for the IFTTT applet recipe was met.

    Can a recipe be set to have multiple triggers, like the temperature, the day of the week and if the rain sensor detects rain or not?
    To answer your question: No, but this can be achieved by creating an applet for every situation and condition you want or find the IFTTT service provider for the "THIS" option that has many options on its triggers: like a weather service that links temperatures with the day of the week on their triggers and so on.

    Currently, the RainMachine IFTTT channel triggers and actions you can use are:

    Triggers: (can be used as "THIS" option on IFTTT applets)
    Zone has started
    Zone has stopped
    Program has started
    Program has stopped
    Device is offline
    Device is back online
    New software update available
    Restriction is enforced
    Rain sensor is on

    Actions: (can be used for "THAT" option on IFTTT applets)
    Start a zone
    Start a program
    Stop all watering

    Hope this will answer your questions, Dave
    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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    Excellent answer, this helps a lot. I did not know it was like me manually turning on the program, that answered a lot. order to accomplish what I want to do, you offered 2 possible concepts. I'll start with the Service Provider, is this like Weather Underground and discussing this with a programmer, or do I use one of there applets, or am I over engineering this?  The other method of creating multiple applets seems like one applet may confuse the other.

    What is the simplest way to pursue multiple logic statements?

    Thanks.....I am learning.

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    RainMachine Support

    Hi, Dave
    We are all learning something every day somehow :)

    You don't have to discuss this with a programmer. The IFTTT service is simply: if THIS then THAT.
    The Weather Underground has these triggers available for the "THIS" option:

    Today's weather report
    Tomorrow's weather report
    Current temperature drops below
    Current temperature rises above
    Current condition changes to
    Tomorrow's low drops below
    Tomorrow's high rises above
    Tomorrow's forecast calls for
    This Trigger fires within 15 minutes of the sunrise in your location.
    This Trigger fires every time the wind speed rises above a value you specify in your location.
    Current pollen count rises above
    Current humidity level rises above
    Current UV index rises above

    Start a new applet by choosing, let's say: "Tomorrow's high rises above" and set the desired Fahrenheit number, then, for "THAT" option choose RainMachine and select the Action: "Start a program" and select the program from the list. Then create a new applet and choose the RainMachine trigger "Rain sensor is on" for the "THIS" option and the RainMachine action: "Stop all watering" and select your RainMachine from the list.

    This way even if the Weather Wunderground is reporting higher temperature and the rain sensor will sense the rain, the Rain Sensor applet will override the Weather Wunderground one and stop the watering from happening.
    Unfortunately, it seems that there is no weather service on to have triggers by the day of the week.

    Hope this helps, Dave
    Thank you
    RainMachine Support

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