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WInterizing question


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    Jarrod Smith


          You are correct that the standard answer is to turn on a restriction for the months you wont be running it. You can also deactivate the programs themselves until you are ready to use them again. Neither of these will prevent manual watering from occurring. This has to be started from; the app, the webUI, or the machine itself. I can understand your concern about the machine being left in the on position as it is a waste and still causes wear and tear on the solenoid. The easiest way to ensure that this can not happen is to disconnect the common wire from the machine. Most homes have a single common in series through all the solenoids. If you disconnect this wire the solenoids can not be turned on. Even if the machine tried to it would not be able to make a complete circuit. Thank you for asking for clarification on on how to be sure the unit doesn't winterize. I can see now that the section on winterizing could use this and a couple other tricks that I have come across since it was written. This is part of what makes RainMachine community so special. You help us make the product better each day. So thank you and kudos for your part in making our product be the best that it can. 

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