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Field Capacity and Soil Type calculation



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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )

    Yes the soil type has a certain Field Capacity value (expressed in percentage) as retained water from it's dry weight ((for example, sand soil holding 10% water at field capacity contains 10% of its dry weight as retained water).

    But the final Field Capacity in RainMachine is in mm of water and it's calculated based on a formula like:

        fc = getSoilFieldCapacity() # This is the constant soil FC value (sand - 10% - constant)
    rd = getRootDepth()
    pw = getPermWilting() # Permanent wilting point for the selected plant (constant)
    ad = getAllowedDepletion() # Allowed depletion based on plant type

    aw = (fc - pw) * rd

    fc_in_mm = ad * aw


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    Glenn G.


    Thanks for the clarification. Make sense now.  The difference from how I was looking at it is that you are including Allowed Depletion in the calculation of Field Capacity.

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