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High winds restriction



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    Nicolas RainMachine

    he winds are being taken into account but more wind means more watering (because it increases evapo-transpiration). The forecasts that we get aren't very useful for this kind of restriction since it's an average and don't take wind gusts in consideration. What we are implementing in our weather rule engine, is to get data from a weather station and make a zone inactive/add a watering delay depending on conditions.

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    If the unit is pulling weather data shouldn't wind speed already be available and factored into watering program?

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    I agree, it is needed and should be enabled/ disabled per zone. We just had 40mph wind and the sprinkler came on.

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    If this ability gets added, I would like it to be per-zone configurable. I have some zones that are shielded by fencing so watering them during high wind is ok.

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    John Gabel

    This is a must have for OK installations also. It is a waste of water if the sprinkler comes on during high wind.

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    If this was added, we would need an option to opt out since some of us use underground irrigation, even for grass so nothing blows in the wind. It is always windy in Northern NV.

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    Yes, this is much needed. Overdue, I might say!

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    Tyillere Hansen

    One more vote for a wind restriction. It would be tremendously helpful. 

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    Mitul Patel

    Yes, this is much needed functionality. I would say it needs per ZONE settings but not just on/off but either wind speed or gust speed restriction. So, some zone which are shielded well can take much higher winds then other open field type.


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    Does it do this yet?


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