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Overlapping start times


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    After posting this on the community page, I found the answer on the FAQ section of the main Web site (but couldn't find anything in the manual...would be a good addition for that):

    "The programs cannot run concomitant. They will run one after each other, so let's say that your "every two days" program starts at 06:00AM and last till 07:45AM. If the second program "every three days" starts at 07:00AM, then it will be paused until the "every two days" program ends. If both programs have the same start time, 06:00AM, then the order they start is the order you set them up the first time. So if you saved the "every two days" program before "every three days" program, then every time they cross and they are set to the same start time, the "every two days" program will start first."

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