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Program manual start with time duration control



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    Thank you for the suggestion. This feature will be implemented in the next iteration of mobile application!

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    al fox

    Andrei, thank you for fast response!

    Looking forward!

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    Mitul Patel

    Any status on this feature. It's not included in last four part updates of 2017.

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    al fox


    Any update on this??


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    al fox

    Andrei, you promised implementation in October 2016.

    Any update on this?

    I would be an easy fix


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    Is there any hope in getting this long requested (and promised) enhancement implemented?

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    I had the same issue, but I found that the program total watering time is under program properties. I lowered the times for all zones, saved the program and run it manually.
    Right now I see they implemented the PAUSE functionality, so, you can pause your system, do your job and then resume it from where you left it. Of course, you have to use beta firmware to have it, for now...
    I use beta firmware and iOS app to pause and to alter my program total watering times.
    I don't see a plus of having my total watering time changed after I started it manually. Maybe, there is, but for what I need, this option under the program properties is more than enough.

    There is also another way that I used - you can create an exact copy of your program, then make it inactive, that doesn't mean you cannot start it manually, change its total watering times amount when you feel like, save it, and run it manually, instead of changing the scheduled program every time.

    A suggestion for RainMachine devs: it would be nice to have the percent amount when you change the program total watering time tapping on - and +, and this way you can easily return where you were (100%).


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