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Watering a Lawn


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    Chris (Edited )

    Hi, Michael

    What I've done in your scenario is to ENABLE (if they were not by default) the "Weather data" and "Historical averages" from each zone I used in my program and also the "Weather data" option from the program properties. This way the watering times I set up will be affected by the smart calculation the RainMachine would do. Set your program frequency to Weekdays and select those two days you'll want to water twice a week, set the start time and then go to the zones and choose the ones you would like to use and add the time. Then save the program and forget it :) 

    The answer to the second question is that you can use "beta" updates for your device and there you'll find all the fine tuning for each zone, but there are in beta state, so bugs may appear. To enable beta updates I used the web interface and I go to Settings - System Settings  and enable the Beta Quality Updates than go and see if there are any updates available for your device on About screen. There should be one and if you're agree to use Beta, than install it on your device.

    The only drawback for now is that the only interface updated to work with beta software is the web interface.



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