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How to program 3 times a day watering



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    RainMachine Support Agent

    I find its best to create 3 different programs, one for each water time.

    You also want to disable "Weather" on each program.

    You will also want to disable "Weather" and "Historical Averages" on each zone. 

    This will ensure your water times don't get cut short in this season. 

    Brandon M

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    Julian Luca

    Second Brandon's answer here, but I also use Cycle & Soak option of my program to split it. So if I want to water my lawn 20 min for 3 times a day starting 06:45AM and last cycle to be at 06:45PM (that's 12 hours time span) then I add 3 cycles to my program that starts at 06:45AM and the soak delay to 220min (that's 12/3=4 hours - 20 min of watering). This way, after the first watering cycle of 20 min is finished it will take another 220min until the cycle 2 starts and so on.

    That's what I've done for my fixed time watering lawn zone. Hope I made myself clear enough :)



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    It would be great to have multiple start times though. 

    If you water once in the morning and once at night with the same zone duration, the cycle soak will not pause long enough.

    Multiple copies of the programs work, but can be hard to keep in sync when making adjustments.


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