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Aggregate multiple machines across one user interface



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    Scott Warren (Edited )

    I agree - would be awesome for those with multiple devices - the devices are kind of irrelevant the zones are important

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    Lukas Yanni

    This is a great idea and a highly desired feature for users with multiple devices. I concur.

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    Scott and Lukas:  Thanks for your support of this idea.  Please click the "up" arrow by my post to vote for it.  It still reflects 0 votes despite your positive comments.

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    This would be really helpful!

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    Can't believe still no progress on this.  ???????

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    We have discussed various ways of implementing this. The actual issues are those of synchronization and special handling of various network issues that can arise.  

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    It would be a huge improvement!

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    Brandon Moyer

    The ability to have 2 HD-16's side by side and when you login you see 32 zones is still something I think about myself. 

    For now we do allow for easy access of multiple units as follows:

    From the web interface you can click the "Logout" button and it will bring you do the "Devices" menu. 

    This will display a list of your devices that share the same "Email/Password" as long as they are online. 

    Also when you first login via it will bring you do a "Devices" menu. 



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    noopara (Edited )

    I would like to add to this thread as another user needing to have a single dashboard for multiple RM devices and an integrated schedule.

    Looks like the need has been around for some time now.  In another post dated August 2018 there was an indication that it is on the to-do list.

    How about an update on this.  When can we expect to see something that addresses this growing problem?


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