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Personal Wunderground Station vs. NOAA



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    RainMachine Nicholas (Edited )

    > Question: What happens to my RainMachine settings if the local Wunderground station isn't reporting?

    It will just use the data from NOAA in your case, or average if you have more then 1 reporting

    > Suggestion: Allow more than one station—use either the average or prioritize them. 

    Add more then 1 WUnderground station it's not directly possible with current interface but:

    1. Download

    2. Rename the file to

    3. Edit the file and replace occurences (case sensitive) of WUnderground  with WUnderground2.

    4. Connect to the web interface of the device locally by going to https://rainmachine_ip

    5. Go to Settings->Weather, Weather Services->Add New and upload

    6. This parser will show up in User Services tab, activate, enter API key, and select another station (you just configure it like the built in WUnderground parser)


    P.S. I modified the wunderground parser for a secondary station here:


    Just download and upload to your RainMachine. 


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    I too used a neighbor's weather station and left it with averaging the local station plus NOAA data in the settings.  The neighbor's station went down for over a week without me noticing at a time when it had rained.  I picked up on this because my sprinkler system started the day after a 1+ inch rainfall according to my rain gauge.  At that point, I decided to get my own weather station.  If you're near a Costco, they have a great deal on a 5-in-1 Acurite ($79) that connects to the Web if you plug the display into a PC that is always on (otherwise, you need to pay about $80 to get an add-on wifi/network device).  Having my own station ensures that I get an email if the station isn't transmitting to the Web, and it's actually a pretty nice weather display that comes with the Acurite that I purchased.

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    Colin Hildinger (Edited )

    Like Jeff, I had my Rainmachine fail to cope with a Wunderground outage.  Bad weather cut power to the weather station (the irony) for 3 days.  My yard was watering in a rainstorm.  Until I noticed the recent weirdness, the only negative experience I've had.

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